Welcome to the Prayer Team

by Emily Vanden Heuvel

Each year at ReFrame Media, we receive thousands of prayer requests from readers and listeners. We are so glad that you have committed to go before the throne of God for those who ask us for prayer.

Once a week you will receive an email offering some encouragement and a link to a Google document with 15 to 20 prayer requests. We receive roughly 150 prayer requests each week, so we break up the prayer requests into smaller lists so it is not overwhelming. Once you have the prayer requests, we ask you to pray for the people on the list. In addition to your prayers, ReFrame pastors follow-up with everyone who reaches out to us with a prayer request.

Some members of the Prayer Team print the list and put it up somewhere in their home or office to remind them to pray. Others open their list to their phones and pray before meal times. There is no right or wrong way to pray. At first, you may feel a bit awkward praying for strangers, but trust that God knows exactly who we are praying for and what that person needs.

It is an honor to serve the Lord together by praying for brothers and sisters in Christ. One of the challenges of serving as a prayer partner is that we rarely have personal relationships with the people for whom we pray. God listens and will always meet that person’s needs. God works through the prayers of his people, and even if we don’t know quite what to pray—for ourselves, for our loved ones, or for the individuals who are on the prayer list—there are always ways to pray in accordance with the will of the Father. What a privilege to come to the Lord in prayer. We encourage you to spend some time at ReFrame’s Prayer Ministry website for a great list of prayer resources.

Would you like some encouragement on what it means to pray for others? Check out this great article, "How to Pray: What is Intercessory Prayer?"

Thank you for being part of our team, and don’t hesitate to reach out with your own prayer request.